The very purpose of using a sigil is to condense an intent to a level of symbolism that goes beneath your conscious concepts of intent. Sigil creation begins by taking an obvious representation of the goal and reducing and scrambling it until it no longer has ANY direct connotations. The magick work begins by creating a space for an altered state of mind, achieving the state of mind by exercising the will, seering the objective and then closing back down and returning to a state of daily consciousness.

To facilitate this concept in both sigil and non sigil works you really need to develop a thorough understanding of the full course from A to B back to A again. Different schools use different ritualistic methods for this, but the basics are the same. Create a distinct starting point and ending point in your works. The more elaborate works should have more elaborate openings and closings. One of the handiest tools around for this is the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram [LBRP].

The LBRP is really simple, it is adaptable to a lot of different paradigms and it is very effective in equalizing your space before and after your work. It takes a just a few minutes to perform and you can do it tool free. Find it. Learn it. Love it. Know it.

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