Important Seance Rules

It is important to know the basic "rules" while involved in a seance.

  1. Only one person talks and only at their designated time. (Unless during chant)
  2. Every guest has prewritten or thought up 1 or 2 questions for the spirit.(s)
  3. No shouting, talking out of place, or yelling EVER!
  4. Never talk out of turn, unless specifically asked to do so by the medium or spirit.
  5. Relax, relax, and relax!
  6. Respect the circle, spirit(s), other guests, & your host or medium.
  7. Do not get up & move about until the seance is completely over. NO MATTER WHAT!

Creating Your Guest List

When planning a seance, you want to make sure that you include guests who are open minded, and who can respect the spiritual realm. DO NOT invite non-believers to your seance. The outcome could be not only unhappy guests and an extremely disruptive seance, but angry spirits could lurk about which will make things very uneasy for everyone. Believers or not!

Creating a "Spirit Friendly" environment

I have found it's best to conduct a seance on an oval or rounded table preferably a wood table. (Or marble) Another good idea is to drape some "mystical" fabric over the entire table. Preferably light colors to attract the friendly, positive spirits. If fabric isn't available, white sheets will do. Candles & incense are an essential element for a seance. You're going to want at least 3 candles on the table. (You also want everything divisible by 3's, i.e. your guests, candles, incense, ect) White is the recommended color for the candles, though you can use purple or lavender to aid in opening your psychic awareness. As for incense, the best scents to use are Cinnamon, Sandalwood, & Frankincense. I recommend placing the incense near the table, but not on the seance table itself.

Preparing your guests

As a seance host, you want to make sure that you hold your seance when the sun has gone down. It's lovely to hold a seance on a full moon, though not a necessity. You want to create a "party-like atmosphere" by serving your guests hordurves, & beverages prior to the actual seance itself. Once everyone has socialized and has full bellies, it's time to begin. Prepare your guests by having them gather around the seance table, and getting comfortable. This is the time to hold group relaxation exercises, and meditation. This is the time to have everyone simmer down, and focus on opening his or her hearts & minds. Discuss seance table manners, and what spirit(s) they'd like to call upon. Have each guest write down one or two questions they'd like to have answered. Then light the candles & incense, and turn out the lights. If the host is not comfortable being the medium, (the one who allows the spirit(s) to enter into their body for communication) then this is the time to decide who will do the honors. That person is to sit at the head of the seance table. You & your guests are now preparing to enter the spirit realm.

On With the Seance

Now that everyone is sitting, relaxed, settled, and ready to begin it is time for everyone to join hands. This is the time for the medium to say aloud a short blessing for a positive and safe seance. This is also the time for the medium to ask the table to breathe deeply, and to focus their energies to the "other side." At this point the medium can conduct the seance by speaking these words aloud solitary, or have the guests participate verbally. The words would be something in the effect of this, "Our dear spirit "if spirit has a known name say name" we ask that you join us. We ask for your knowledge and for your insight and answers, we summons you with the power of love & light" Keep repeating this "chant" until you get a response. A response could be anything from a rapping, to a complete body entrance/takeover into the medium. This is the time for each guest's question(s) to be answered. (One at a time) If the spirit happens to be A mischievous one and seems to be more of a poltergeist than a friendly spirit, then it's up to the person sitting next to the medium to take over. By gently guiding the poltergeist back into the spirit realm, (or by guiding it into the light if at all possible) and gently pinching the medium back into reality, and extinguish the candles. Otherwise, carry on with questions and answers. See who & what can be called up. Sometimes seances last hours.

Closing the Spirit Realm

After the spirits have spoken and left the medium's body, it is imperative that each guest thanks the spirits for sharing, and joining in. Then the medium should close by saying the final thank you, along with some compassionate words. These are the basics for a seance. Grounding & shielding you before & after the seance is highly recommended. Most of all, explore, have fun, and do it all with love!

Logging your Seance

I also suggest after the seance is over and the lights are back on, you give each of your guests a notepad to write down his or her experience & personal feelings. Then you, as the host, write down what happened, who you contacted, and your own feelings. Also, it's great if you can record every seance you hold with a video camera, or a tape recording device. Eventually, you will become a pro & can hold seance parties anywhere! Happy Seancing!

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