I was first introduced to the idea of incorporating ribbons in my magik through Titania Hardie's book, Enchanted [William Morrow & Company, Inc. New York, 1999] She wonderfully gives many examples in how ribbons can be used as a spell component, or the entire focus of spell work and magik.

Magik has been defined numerous ways. It is a prayer with props, the focus of intent to bring about change, and much more. The main component used in magik is energy. Mentors and teachers will guide you through the proper use of a focus to help with focusing energy. It isn't the "what" of the object, but rather the "how" you use an object that is important.

Ribbons can be used as the "what". They can serve to help you remember the importance of something you use. Ribbons can help empower an object. They can also be used as a spell component.

So, how do you use ribbons in magik? Ribbons belong in what I call the "Color Magik" group. Along with ribbons, candles, and any other object that can be colored, such as paper and clothing, use colors as their primary source for magickal power. Ribbons help bind the color to an object, thus infusing an object with the color's properties.

There are other reasons I use ribbons in my spell work. Ribbons can be cut into divine lengths. For example, one yard is really three feet. There for, I can use this to represent the Goddess, who has three aspects. One Deity, but three aspects make the whole. You don't have to use yards, though. You can use inches, feet, centimeters, and decimeters if you want.

Ribbons can also be braided, knotted, weaved and wrapped. Each different act has a different meaning. Braiding and weaving intertwines and joins colors lending all the colors to work together, or strengthening one color. Knotting has it's own rich magickal history, however, the number of times you knot the ribbon is significant in your magik. Wrapping the ribbon around an object will bind the colors together with the object, infusing the color into the object.

Visualization is the key to most magik. And, it is that way, to ribbon magik. You will need to thoroughly envision the colors binding and flowing through the object you have tied the ribbing around. Otherwise, you just have a ribbon tied around, for example, a telephone.

Ribbons also belong to the mathematical side of magik. Through the examples I have listed above, you can see that length, numbers of colors used, the number of times you wrap an object all have Divine importance. Numerology and other mathematical magik systems are far too complicated to be explained in a single essay. All you need is to be familiar with the primary Divine numbers.

Divine Number Correspondences:

[1] The Universe, The Source, All
[2] Goddess and God working in harmony. Balance, harmony, equality.
[3] The Goddess' aspects
[4] The elements
[5] The senses, the pentagram
[7] Power, Protection, Magik.
[8] Sacred to the God; The number of Sabbats in a year.
[9] A number sacred to the Goddess
[13] The number of Esbats in a year. The number of full moons in a year.

There are more magickal number correspondences available in books, on the web and elsewhere. A little bit of research is all that's needed. Also, remember that prime numbers are preferred, as they are not divisible, except by one.

Color Correspondences: Black: For Uncrossing, absorption of negativity. It also is used to symbolize the Universe.
Blue: For happiness at work, spiritual love, protection [especially while asleep], beauty, truth, honor, loyalty, tranquility, wisdom, and healing.
Brown: For Protection [of animals and familiars], sensual pleasure, and security.
Gold: The color for all matters of the Sun, Also, symbolizes the correlation between good work and reward. It's also the color of the God.
Green: The color of fertility, luck, happiness, money, prosperity, healing, health, and resilience.
Orange: The color of energy.
Pink: The color of Love and friendship.
Purple: The color of magik, passion, spiritual insight, healing, intellect, protection, and it lends extra power.
Red: The color of initiation, strength, protection [general], true love, and freedom.
Silver: For all matters of the Moon. It also facilitates good communication. It's also the color of the Goddess.
Yellow: The color of money, intellect, balance, celebration, and abundance.

This list, by no means, exhausts the endless correspondences of colors to magickal meanings, and all other things that colors affect. Also remember that different shades have slightly different meanings. Experiment to see which shades and colors have the best effect for you.

Ribbon magik is easy to put into practice. You don't need to purchase really fancy ribbons. Just some simple cloth ribbon will work. Ribbon used for wrapping gifts is ok, for some things, but not all. Wire edged ribbon will work in place of plain cloth ribbon, but the metal may hinder the magik. Plain cloth ribbon is the best "universal" ribbon, I've found. Once you have found the ribbon[s] that is right for the job, cleanse and consecrate them. You will be using them as a magickal too. So, you will want to get rid of any energy that the ribbon may have picked up for being handled.

Once everything is ready, in place, and you are ready, it's time to put knowledge to work. First, I will show how ribbons can be used to boost regular spells.

In a "normal" spell, candles, paper, pens, herbs, and cloth are often used. If you take, for instance, a red ribbon, and tie it around a white candle, you will be using the ribbon, to spread the colors of red and white through out the area for strength and protection. Another idea would be to wrap papers, with magickal writings, with ribbons. You could use the ribbon to either protect the paper, or add to the magik that is in the paper.

One way to get the most use of color in your magik is to use pony beads with your ribbons. Beads work really well when there is space for only one ribbon. Using beads with your ribbon will multiply the magickal properties of numbers. This way, you can have repeating numbers. For example, if I just created a protection sachet for my daughter. I used the appropriate herbs, white cloth, and red ribbon to tie the sachet. I can add blue beads to focus the sachet's protective powers from a general protection towards protection while sleeping. When tying up the sachet, I might wrap the ribbon around three times. Then, I would knot it three times, and when I add three beads, I will have the number three, three times, multiplying the effect of that number.

Now, for the fun part: Decorating your house with Magik! All you need is ribbon.

Hardie suggests using yellow ribbon around your checkbook. She also suggests tying silver ribbon around your telephone for happy communications. Green ribbon can be tied around faucets to infuse the water with healing, healthy vibrations.

For the home office: Use blue ribbon around your computer, and telephone lines if you work from home. I also suggest tying red ribbons around the phone line to your computer to protect it from viruses and hacking. Tie yellow ribbons around any thing that deals with money. You might want to tie green ribbons around the keyboard and mouse to guard against carpal tunnel disease.

For your pet: You could braid, or weave, your furkid or familiar a new collar.

For your car: There are tons of things people do to protect their car. Aside, from the many different magickal herbal sachets people make, you can simply braid three red ribbons together and tie them onto your car's antenna. Not only will you be adding an element of protection, but, you'll probably also be making a statement against drunken driving [not a bad thing].

When wrapping gifts, be careful of the colors you choose. Choosing colors right, will allow you to wish the person some health, prosperity, or send a message about passion without ever having to say a word.

Balloons and ribbons go together. When choosing the balloon, have the appropriate ribbons tied to it. For example: It's a birthday party for a co-worker. You choose balloons in her favorite colors. Now, the ribbons are in your control. You could tie a bunch of ribbons to add your magickal touch to them.

A word about using magik and gifts: Do not push magik on anyone. You can use the ribbons to symbolize what you wish for an individual. A good way is to wish for them, things you wish for yourself, like good health, good financial standing, et cetera. Never cast magik on someone who hasn't made a request for magickal help. Wishing good things, while a form of magik, allows the God and Goddess to finalize the wish in the best interests of the individual.

In the kitchen, tie green ribbons around the refrigerator handle to add healthy vibrations to the food contained within. You can also tie green ribbons around cabinet handles, and drawer pulls.

Get creative. Ribbons are fun. And, if ribbons are just too much frill, try using dyed leather strips. It will act in the same manner, as the ribbons will. Create, experiment, and take notes. Incorporate as many ribbons into your daily life as you can. See if you can blend them into your current décor so the magik becomes a subtle gentle effect.

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