Before achieving any success with astral projection you need to develop basic meditation and relaxation techniques.

Here is a simple technique that can help you get past the sticking point of not actually being able to get OUT of your body. And guess what? It IS one of the easiest methods out there.

During meditation use your imagination to envision your own reflection in front of you. This is something you see all the time, every morning in the mirror. You know your own face so it should be easy to get a good image. Picture your own self, particularly your face, hovering above you, right in front of you. Once you get good at sustaining this image visualize yourself rolling around into your own reflection until you are looking BACK at yourself through your reflection's eyes. Force the visualization, even if you have to go over ever millimeter of the transition again and again to get it smooth.

Don't disparage the fact that you are using imagination and visualization with this exercise. Even though your initial results will also be imagined, part of the usefulness of this technique is to train your mind to ACCEPT the possibility. Remember you are fighting a very primal instinct to NOT leave your body. Going over it many times with visualization is key to that step.

With practice you will find success in actually moving around and looking down upon yourself via astral projection. It is one of those things that just clicks once you get the visualization down.

I hope this technique helps you improve in your efforts to successfully astral project. What you do when you ARE successful is entirely up to you.

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