1. Still the body Start with small incriments of forcing the body to be absolutely still. Find a comfortable position and once in it do not move, not for any reason. Don't focus on any mental discipline . let the mind wander. You'll find you get mad itches in the craziest places, but no movement, no matter what. Work up to 20 mins.

  2. Regulate breathing Once stilling the body for extended periods of time is achieved on a regular basis, incorporate a slower, deeper (but not too exerted) breathing pattern. Work up until the combination can be sustained for 20 minutes. No need to try to control the thought patterns here yet either.

  3. Rein in the Mind During these 20 minutes of controlled stillness the mind is naturally wandering all over the place. Now as it heads down a tangent, force it to stop. Cut off your conscious thinking about that particular topic. Direct it to something else on purpose. Anything else. Keep doing this until you can constantly stop the flowing random thoughts. This will set up all kinds of conflicts in the conscious. Monitor them. Record them later.

  4. Drown the Thoughts Choose a meditation word/sound and focus on repeating it in your head. You can combine this with step 3 where as your mind goes to think about the proverbial white bear you tell it no, and then instead of thinking of something else you just repeat the word/sound over and over in your mind. Make sure the word/sound you choose is random. One syllable is best. You know how you repeat a word over and over and then it starts to sound like nonsense? That's the objective. Work up until you can repeat the word/sound and ward off other ideas or thoughts. Strive to reach a point where you can trance out and repeat the word/sound over and over without any other thought activity.

  5. Not Thinking The next stage will arise in pockets of not thinking. Usually you realize you've done this without trying. There are gaps where you simply aren't thinking any conscious thoughts. You aren't even repeating the word/sound any more. Of course, once you realize that happened you are thinking again . Work up to as long a time as you can manage. Even three solid minutes is a major achievement.

  6. Magick Meditation Once you have steps 1-5 down you can insert any object or idea as a point of deliberate focus and you now have a disciplined mental air traffic control tower to keep distractions away. This should be practiced with meaningless objects regularly to keep the mind trained.

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