Temple setup as follows:

  • No altar
  • Circle of nine black candles, as large as possible with identical holders. One is lit.
  • Brazier in center of circle
  • Fire or charcoal in brazier
  • Incense: Shed snakeskin ground fine and wet with the magician’s blood

Magician assumes ásanà in center of the circle of candles. Let him stimulate the wheels from bottom to top. As each wheel is lit, let him light a candle to match, deosil from the first. Between the feet first, then the base of the spine, below the navel, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown. When the “juice” is flowing steadily, let him continue:

In this hour, worm devour Flesh and blood the same Words awake the fire snake Rise and feast and flame! I offer thee to live in me Consume this flesh of mine My body burn and in return My force increase by nine

This chant should be repeated for as long as the magician wishes to build power. Each time, permission is given to the Wyrm to consume (waste away) a portion of the magician’s flesh to release energy.

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