The basics of spell work are pretty simple. You need to learn how to ground and center your energy, then meditate until you're peaceful. Once you've reached a state where you're feeling calm and relaxed, then the actual spell can be cast.

A tin pie plate
Green and light blue candles (again, I like the white shabbat candles from the Jewish section of the grocery store, but colored taper candles from anywhere will work just as well.)
Vegetable oil, about a tablespoon
Herbs for weightloss, like parsley.
Herbs for wish fulfillment, like sandlewood and sage.
Maybe some spearmint for health, too. (I find spearmint to be helpful for both health and weightloss. I'm a big fan of chewing spearmint gum)

You need to put the herbs, each kind one at a time, in the palm of your hand, and focus your energy and attention on their properties. (tell the parsley to inhibit your appetite and help you feel more full, the sandlewood to bring you a healthy weight loss and the sage to cleanse you of the urge to overeat) When your palm begins to tingle and you can feel the herb thoroughly, it's ready.

When you've done this with each herb, place it in a small glass or other non-metallic bowl. Place them all in the same bowl. Pour the small amount of vegetable oil over them, and mix until the herbs are well coated and mixed together.

Rub the oily herbal goop on the candles, again focussing on your goal and the properties of the herbs. I find it helpful to recite the names of the herbs, their properties and my goal as a chant while I'm doing this.

Light the candles.

Put the sand into the pie plate, and draw your current body shape into it with your finger (it's a good idea to wipe the oily goop off first! and not on your clothes because it will leave a stinky stain). Focus on this image. FEEL how you hate it and want it to change. Now, imagine how you want to look (and be realistic... you can't go from a size 20 to a size 7 over night, it works best to take it by 20 lb/2 size steps).

Make a list of ways to GET to your desires size and body shape. Copy this list so you have it on two pieces of paper.

Erase the image of your fat self in the sand, and redraw the self you're focussing on becoming. Look at this image, feel how good it will feel to reach your goal. KNOW that you will reach it. Keeping those feelings in your mind and body, take one of the copies of your list and light it in the flame of one of the candles. when it's burning well, place it on the sand (and for Pete's sake.. make sure to keep an eye on the fire, it's not a toy!) and allow it to burn out. When it has burned out, KNOW that your spell will come true.

Ground and center again, then douse the candles, saving them for later. Get up, and go about your business for the day as if all of what you desire has already come to fruition.

Each night, spend a few minutes grounding and centering and burning the candles. As you burn each candle, reaffirm in your mind that you wil accomplish this goal, and focus in how how good it feels to do something positive for yourself and how much better you feel now.

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