Adapted from the practices of the Klan.... Produce an image to represent your target. Set it on a non-flammable surface, like an altar. Cover it with a ground-up road flare in the form of a cross (these burn bright red). Make a stick cross, and set it on fire, telling the person to keep off your space in the best redneck accent you can muster. Set the crosses together, and let them go up in flames. Alternately, you can make the cross a lot bigger and formed from oil, igniting it with oil from a blade. I have a sword with a reservoir in the hilt just for this purpose...push a little knob and oil coats the blade. Light the blade on a candle, and then touch it to the center as you leap over the burning victim, swinging the sword and speaking a malediction. KIDS: please be careful when playing with fire - it can hurt you.

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