There was a sort of Norse sigillic magic, which is refered to as a helm of awe. It involved carving a small sigil onto a disk, the disk was then placed on a helmut, or armor and warn into battle so that its power emanated from the warrior against his foes.

Today we don't wear armor into battle. But we still do battle day to day against the world and our "peers." So in a casual setting a little inconspicous magical help is definetely awesome.

Get a black teeshirt, and some white tee shirt paint. (If you know how to make silk screens, use those and you can make several shirts with the same sigil.) I suggest black and white here because these colors can be used for a variety of things, and have striking contrast. You can use other colors based on your purpose, but try and get contrasting colors.

Charge the teeshirt paint. I would suggest adding a drop of blood but that would taint the color and leave a stupid looking pink. If working with red paint (which may look better depending on the purpose) adding a drop of blood would be an excellent idea.

Design a seal to represent your goal. This technique works well for inspiring things like lust, admiration, fear, terror, respect, subservience, etc. This is a domination technique. You could use it for other things, but it really, in my mind, just seems to be odd, the "have a nice day" helm of awe will never appear in my mages arcanum.

With the charged tee shirt paint, draw the seal on the tee shirt. As you draw the seal charge it so that it emanates a force over those who view it, so that they will "be...(insert goal.)"

Wear the shirt where people will see it.

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