First, find small things that repesent those qualities you like...go out of your home to get them.  Anything that represents what you like.  Each represents some different aspect of your perfect man.

When you have them, bind them all together with knots in a strand (or several) of your own hair.  With each knot, call that part of your perfec man to you.  Use your own words.  Anything you choose...words, pics, objects, anything.

Go out under the new moon, wherever is convenient.  Have on hand a candle and some honey.  Drop as many drops of honey onto your knots as there are objects, then cover the whole thing in wax as you ask the moon to reveal your chosen love as it grows full.  When finished, taker your wax-cased knot bunch and hang it in a place personal to you...your room, your locker, etc..

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