Go down to the river....or creek or whatever you have where you are from.

Find a nice big STICK....( a piece of ligtning struck/or wind-fallen branch will work)

Different types of wood have different "personalities" so be familiar with the type of wood you choose.

Take it home....wash it ...( you can do this with a bath of elder water...rose water, or mugwort water or whatever you USUALLY use)... sand it smooth.

Inscribe words of power....Personal seals,symbols etc...

On the top affix a SKULL...I have a coyote staring down from Mine....But you could use a DOG....or WOLF or BEAR....Large CAT. (how you get them is your perrogative)

Next hang different PERSONAL charms ect.....

Example :

Snake vertebrae, beads, hair, horsetail, brass bells, "Mojo" bags, tooth, claw, Etc...
Think "protection and strength".
Use things that have "meaning" to you....
Light a Fire....Bonfire or simply an incense bowl will do...
Make an offering
Call on your ancestors/gods to aid you
Give the staff a name
Visualize the different Animals and their spirits. When you do this....VISUALIZE them going into the staff....
Say Somthing !!!!

Example :

When I have no vision
_____ will be my eyes..
When I have no charms
______ will be my words..
When I have no guard
_____ will be my warning..
My enemies are DEAD
They do not SEE____

You can carry this staff with you or put it outside your home.
I have 2 dog-head sticks outside my house....some people wont even come to the door .
My Coyote "travels" with me, and yes...you can make smaller versions of the same thing.
Its sort of like a "WAND" only bigger...and meaner :)

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