Take a piece of red felt, and cut out a life size tongue.

On a square made of wood, label each corner with 1, 2, 3, and 4.  The upper left corner is 1, the upper right is 2, the lower right is 3, and the lower left is 4.

Baptize (or connect) the tongue in the name of the person you wish to silence.

Raise the tongue to the West, then center the tongue on the middle of the wood square.   Using two nails, nail the root of the tongue (the end that isn't the tip of the tongue) on to the wood square.

Sprinkle rue on the tongue,  and then twist the tongue counter clockwise a few times.  Nail the tip of the tongue with a single nail, being careful not to let the tongue untwist.

Douse the whole mess in vinegar and bury it.

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