Start by sprinkling salt all over the doorstep/enterance to your business. Sweep up the salt, stick it in a bag (but not a bag that comes from your business), and then toss it in a garbage can which is at least a few blocks away from your shop or office. Take a different route home and don't look back.

Once you have done this, prepare a floor wash by combining a dozen bay leaves, seven pinches of cinnamon, and three pinches of white sugar. Pour about a quart of boiling water over the ingredients and let the mixture steep for fifteen minuets. Pour off the liquid and add it to a bucket of mop water; I strongly recommend using Murphy's Oil Soap for this.

Mop your place of business from back to front and don't forget to wash the doorstep/entrance. Dispose of the used mop water in a gutter or down a drain that is not yours. If you cannot mop because of carpeting, reserve a cup of the steeped liquid and pour the rest into a bucket of soapy water. Wash the entrance of your business with the soapy water and get rid of it in the same manner as the mop water. After this, take the cup of reserved liquid, and using your fingers, sprinkle and fling the liquid around your place of business.

Take a bit of marjoram and scatter a small amount of it in each room and over the doorstep-- do this once a month.

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