Begin at sunset, in some area beyond the interference of others.

Draw a large map of some specific place on the ground, using flour and some items (soil, grain, asphalt, etc...) found in the place represented by the map.

Prepare a charcoal fire and throw sulphur into it, calling the spirits of the fire to attention.

Meanwhile, two assistants prepare a large sheet.  One must paint or draw the sign of some terrible destructive force (gnashing teeth, chainsaws, or any similar device), while the other assistant curses at the place while drinking beer.  He then urinates all over the center of the sheet.

The two assistants then lift the sheet over the map, and hold it there.

With the sheet in place, take out coals from the fire with a pair of tongs.  Name various plagues, afflictions, terrors, and mayhem over the coals, one for each.

When the sheet can stand no more, the coals will burn through and drop upon the map. Allow the remainder of the sheet to burn, and the places touched by your curse will suffer the consuming flame and its attendant violence.

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