Two steps:

First: Banishing the Ick (not to get too techinical)

Light a white candle, concentrate on cleansing the home. Once ready, walk counterclockwise through the house and counterclockwise in each room, smudging sage. You can also burn a little "Turnback" incense (don't know what's in it, always bought it premade) to reverse any negativity. Do concentrated smudging on the entrances to the house.

Next day:

Burn a lavendar or pale blue candle and concentrate on positive peaceful energy coming into the home. I have an incense a friend made called "Rose Cross" that is specically for calling in the good stuff. No clue what's in it, but it smells fabulous. Going clockwise through the home, clockwise in each room, smudge sweetgrass, concentrate on the entrances to the home.

I also like to spread birdseed clockwise around the house in a complete circle. Makes for a great sight in the morning to see finches, sparrows and doves completely surrounding my home.

I didn't add what words to speak as you do the ritual as I'm a rather fly by the seat of my pants type person and I just say whatever it is that is correct to me. Sometimes I end up chanting in rhyme, sometimes it's many different phrases with the same basic message, other times it's one phrase said all the way through the house. So long as it expresses your intent and your will is focused, it should do the trick.

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