In dreams, seek out an entity which has the power to direct the images of the dream. This may require many nights of searching and dream training, and it may happen easily. In either case, test the capabilities of the entity within the dreamworld, and learn its name and a symbol through which you may contact it. Inscribe the name around a ring, with the symbol uopn the ring's face. If the entity will give no symbol, make a likeness of its chosen form within your dreams.

For one week, bury the ring. For the next week, hang it on a chain from an evergreen tree. The next week it will spend underwater, and the final week of preparation it will hang over an open flame.

When the world dreams, annoint the ring with dew and call on the entity's name. Thereafter you may wear the ring to sleep, and explore freely in the dream world of yourself or others by calling on the entity to guide you.

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