This item strikes fear and frenzy into the hearts of all who hear its beat. The barrel of the drum is to be made from a solid piece of wood, hollowed out with a hot firebrand amid screams of pain and panic. The carver may make these, or they may be provided by assistants. In either case, the screams must arise from thoughts of torment and distress conceived in the minds of the participants. This process can take a considerable amount of time.

For the striking surface of the drum, a goat is slaughtered and its blood poured over the heads of those making the drum, that its sound might not drive them mad. The flesh may be eaten or burned, but the horns are to be attached to the drum in some convenient manner. If the drum is to be large, the whole goat's head may be attached. The skin of the animal is to be cleaned, prepared, and stretched over the top of the drum. A symbol of panic is then painted on the skin, and the drum is ready for use.

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