Remove the handle from a steel fork, and twist the two outer prongs back onto their base, so that you may slide your finger through the "ring" perpendicularly. Bend one of the remaining prongs backwards, so that it points outward, and bend the other around it in a coil.

Heat this five times over a brazier of coals and sulphur. This is to be done on five successive tuesdays, in the hour of Mars. Seal spiteful incantations into the ring as you cast the sulphur upon the flames - five words of power spoken while describing the torments of the ring.

The first incantation strikes fear into enemies. With a clenched fist, speak the word of power and its incantation over the ring, as you let the sulphur fall from within your fist onto it.

The second incantation binds an enemy. Swiftly moving fingers filter sulphur onto the ring, as the word of power is spoken. The incantation describes the failure of the enemy to execute his tactics properly, and the failure of his defenses.

The third incantation aggravates an enemy. Sulphur is shaken off from the middle finger as the word of power is spoken, and the incantation taunts the enemy and insults his fighting capacity. This is used to demoralize a foe and thereby encourage him to make rash and foolish decisions.

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