By this spell, you may open a doorway directly into the aethyr, allowing two- way exchange between the world of potential and the physical realm.

You may use the gate to call forth spirits, to seek out a target and affect it with magical words and gestures, to seek out hidden information, or to gain access to a particular sort of energy which you may then apply toward other spells.

Begin by defining the area in which the Gate will open with the use of a boundary surrounded by signs appropriate to the nature of the gate.

If it is to be in some vessel (such as a pit or cauldron), mark the boundary signs around the edge. If it is to be on the ground, draw an appropriate closed polygon. If it is to be in the air, define its boundaries with signs drawn in the air.

This done, "stir" the interior of the gate so as to confound the attention and prevent interfering thoughts. Focusing on the center of the gate, speak a magical word which opens the portal to other worlds.

Due to the uncertain nature and contents of these worlds, it is wise to employ a Protection spell in conjunction with the making of a gate.

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