Do you have a copy of the AD&D Player's Handbook?

The list of "wizard spells" has some interesting ideas, if you take out the game terms. Some are

  1. Well-known rituals (Protection From Evil known as the Magic Circle, Identify as Psychometry, Change Self as a Glamour, etc...),
  2. Some are plausible yet not mentioned elsewhere (Alarm, Detect Magic),
  3. Some are borderline between plausible and implausible - and may be workable in a lesser form (Armor, Burning Hands, Wizard Mark), and
  4. Some are outright fantasy that we'll not likely ever see happening (Spider Climb, Tenser's Floating Disk, Unseen Servant).

This is just from the 1st level spells! I think categories 2 and 3 are the most interesting, and would make good experimental material if some brave wackos like us chaps would attempt to make use of them in real life sorcery. Half the work is sorting out categories 1 and 4 to avoid redundancy and futility, but the other half of the work might yield some impressive effects. Needs to be defined:

  • Situations where the spells would be useful and applicable, and thus testable, and
  • Methods which could be employed to accomplish the effects

Imagination has provided the basis for a good deal of innovation in other fields, and it'd be interesting to see how its exploration adds to the development of the magical arts.

The following spells are the product of this idea.

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