You may call one of the four types of Elemental spirits that the forces which they control may be brought to service in your favor. Their powers maybe known by their elements -

Sylphs bring winds and storms, and carry messages.

Undines bring floods and will comfort the weary.

Gnomes bring earthquakes and establish or destory stability.

Salamanders inhabit flames, and will purify any with pain.

The command to the elemental spirits is given along with a casting of a certain substance (pleasing to the elemental) into the body of material from which the elemental will manifest. The active elements' spirits (fire and air) receive a combination of fiery and airy materials, and the passive elements' spirits (earth and water) receive a combination of watery and earthy materials. Thus would one give incense to the Sylphs, black powder to the Salamanders, soft clay to the Gnomes, and water with river silt or beach sand to the Undines.

It is wise to use a Protection spell when performing the conjuration of an elemental spirit.

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