The places which lie hidden beyond the usual range of sensory impressions will show themselves to whoever makes use of this amulet. The components of this world present themselves as playing pieces in a competition between rival forces which seek to create, maintain, and adapt the world to their purposes. While the substance components remain the unaltered, their configurations determine our experience of the world. Consider (as an analogy) a set of paints and canvas, which remain paints and canvas regardless of what pictures an artist might create with them, or what effects the painting might have on viewers. Among the competing forces, the magician may make an effort to isolate those which have special significance within his world, and represent them by some convenient symbol. The "Tree of Life," the chakra system, the Enochian Tablets, the seven planets, and the pieces of Chess all represent the fruits of such efforts. Each categorizes the world in some way, by inspiration or by analysis, and then demonstrates their interaction by creating a suitable symbolic system. The elements of the systems (the spheres, wheels, squares, etc..) have two qualities which bear note here:

  1. Uniqueness:
    No element has precisely the same attributes as another.
  2. Adaptability:
    Elements within the systems can produce a wide range of effects, though their individual natures confine them to less than infinite power. For example, while the "root chakra" is held responsible for providing for basic survival needs and can do so in a vast number of ways, it does nothing to confer eloquence, which is the domain of another chakra within the system.

These attributes of the elements within magical symbolic systems mimic closely the mathematical concept of "planes," which extend infinitely over a two-dimensional surface. For this reason, they will hereafter be referred to as planes. When, through effort spent in exploring the planes, you decide that convenience necessitates a device which allows an instant experience of a particular plane, you may construct this amulet. The form of the amulet shall be a disk of black obsidian the size of a large coin, hung by a silken thread to be worn about your neck. The amulet brings one to a level from which our experience of reality is derived, and obsidian is coughed up from the bowels of the earth whence all surface material manifests. Engrave the signs of the planes themselves upon the black disk, repeating the names of the planes as you do so. The disk is empowered by filling it with substance obtained from the planes themselves and "placing" them in the disk. A Gate spell or the use of a servant spirit will facilitate the absorption of the substances by the disk, and the subtances may be discovered by scrying. This establishes a magical link between the amulet and the plane itself. The powers of the amulet are sealed by annointing the disk with oils appropriate to the planes, and by allowing it to rest for one year within a small box made from bones. After this, you may remove the amulet, and open doors to the planes by holding it to your heart and speaking the name of the plane desired. When you close your eyes, a vision of the plane will arise, to which you may discover scents, noises, textures, temperatures, and tastes add themselves.

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