Get a polaroid of the person you wish to affect.  Before it dries completely, take a blunt object and draw the sigil of Venus on it, with the circle over his/her head, and the cross over his/her heart.

Get seven pictures of yourself doing various things, and paste them around the image of your desired one.  As you place each one, say something to the effect that

"My face alone will please her/him.
My arms alone will hold her/him.
My feet alone will walk with her/him.
My desires alone will s/he share.
My lips alone will kiss her/him.
My ears alone will hear her/him.
My words alone will affect her/him."

Light a green taper candle, and say something to the effect of:

"My light casts a shadow on all others, and ignites a passionate fire in her/his heart."

Now burn the pictures so that none of the image remains, and scatter the ashes somewhere that the desired will come into contact with them.  Put them on his/her desk, in his briefcase or her purse, or anywhere they will be noticed and not recognized.

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