Here's a money spell to do, but the materials needed might have you on a wild goose chase at your home and gardening stores.

If by chance none of the stores have them, they can be ordered through most home and gardening stores. First you need to find a plant that is known here in Hawaii as a "money tree." There are quite a few types of money trees out there, but the one that is needed for this spell is the Japanese money tree.

Once you have found this Japanese money tree, plant it at any one corner of the house or business that is in need of money. Once the tree is planted, you must ONLY water the tree with rain water. Rain water can be collected simply by placing a plastic bucket out in the open where rain normally hits.

When the tree has grown past the roof of the house or business in need of money, you will then see fruitful results. The higher the tree grows, the more money will be coming your way.

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