Make a mask, or something resembling one. I made this from a deer's skull with sigils painted thereon, wire wrappings, and a crown of black feathers woven into a head-dress. It hangs from a chain over the bed. The sigils you put on it represent environments of the dream "world," or emotionally-charged states which you can experience in dreams if you prefer that definition. For example, you might make sigils of dreams signifying things past, things present, and things future. Or you may choose an elemental basis, with dreams being categorized as disturbing, enjoyable, exciting, or dolorous. These you can use to alter the environment and general direction of a dream. In any case, the dream mask functions as the "map" through which you relate to your subconscious. Its decorations record significant dreaming functions (flying, opening, removing, etc...) and should be made so that you can access them in dreams by relation to their forms. These you can use to alter the specific elements of a dream.

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