The purpose of the maintenance sigil is to build up energy for a spell and then activate a second sigil, or a tool or something else which will direct the energy for the spell at the appropriate time. To use a maintenance find an object on which you wish to lay an enchantment. Before laying the enchantment lay your maintenance sigil. Charge it to collect and hold residual energy from anyone who comes in contact with the object it is laid upon during a set time period. Charge the sigil to activate and charge a second sigil laid upon the object at the end of the set time period. The second sigil actually carries out your enchantment.

"It's not breaking and entering if the door is unlocked sigil"

The purpose of this is to obtain entrance into a low/no security off limits area or something like someone's house or car. Lay a sigil upon the entrance of whatever you wish to obtain passage into, charge the sigil with emitting a charge which suggests to those who come in contact with it to forget to lock it. Charge the sigil to infuse the person with this suggestion for a few days and on a set day when you will have access to the entrance that it will then push the suggestion into full manifestation so the individual will that day forget to lock the door.

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