What you will need:

  • The tools your tradition normally uses for circle casting
  • 2 Pink cords or ribbons
  • A poppet for both of you (in a likeness for each of you)
  • A thorn or your Athame (for carving in poppet)
  • Your lover
  • Privacy! (Requires nudity)

Cast a circle according to your tradition. (Wear a robe or clothing for this if you normally do not) Stand facing your lover and remove robes while saying:

“As a sign of absolute trust I reveal myself to totally to your eyes”
Touch each other's third eye chakra saying,
“I will always see the best in you”
Touch each other's throat chakra saying,
“I will never speak ill of you”
Touch each others heart chakra saying,
“I will always hold you close to my heart”

Take poppets (you each should have the poppet that is the likeness of your lover) and each inscribes your lover's name on it 3 times.

Each time saying,

“I bind (person's name) to me in love and life.”
Turn poppet over and carve 3 hearts on it; each time saying,
“my heart is yours in love and life”
Tie 9 evenly spaced knots in one of the pink cords One over you holds poppets while the other wraps the cord around the poppets and both say,
“we are bound in love and life”
with each knot.

Set poppets down on the ground between you.
Tie 9 knots in the remaining pink cord.
Hold your partner's right wrist and have your partner return hold.

With your left hands, one of you hold the “tail” of the cord while the other wraps the cord gently around the clasped right hands and wrist while both of you say,

“we are bound in love and life”
with each knot.

Pull your partner close to you and consummate the relationship.
You may opt to share cakes and ale afterwards according to you traditions.
Open your circle.
Remove the pink cord and place it and the poppets in you bedroom. Under the bed or above the headboard is best.

If you and your love decide it is best to dissolve the relation ship simply burn the poppets to release the binding.

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