90% of people looking for spells are looking for a love spell.  Most of them get some huffy response from online pagans and witches designed to humiliate them while covering a lack of basic knowledge in the person answering (or rather not answering) the request for the love spell.

So what are love spells?  What can they do?  What can't they do?

The primary thing to know about love spells is that they can't manufacture real love.  If real love was so cheap and easy to make that a person with no magick training at all could just recite some goofy spell and POOF true love arrives there would be nothing left for Michael Bolton to sing.  Believe me, if I could end that man's career by handing out love spells I'd be DOING IT.

Party lines from pagan chats about love spells that I hate.  And why:

  1. "Love spells are like rape."  Bull.  Rape is like rape.  I personally challenge any of the idiots who spout this statement to cast a love spell that will do the amount of serious psychological damage (let alone the physical) as a sexual assault.

  2. "Love spells are manipulative."  Yes they are.  Any magick that is not theurgia is manipulative.  That's what magick IS. (doh!)

  3. "Love spells control the will of another."  Only if you are adept.

There are several types of spells or magick works that fall under the category of "love spell."  The most basic of them operate on enhancing an existing attraction.  But you have to have the existing attraction to begin with;  the spell won't create that.

One can instill an unhealthy and artificial obsession via "love spells."  This kind of thing is going to take a LOT more than playing around with a little pink candle, chanting something pretty and hoping you get laid.  It will not create a harmonious love relationship, and again, this requires the caster to be pretty adept with magick technique.

To understand how to make and use a love spell you really need to know the basics on how to make ANY spell.  Without that you might as well sleep with some stale wedding cake under your pillow and dream on.

If you are truly interested in simple love spell magick and just want to add a little positive boost to an already existing romance, I highly recommend that you study basic spellwork and then just apply those techniques to your specific goal.  If you are looking for the truly nefarious stuff and don't care whether it's true love or not, then you've got a long road of study to be able to attain that level of magick ability.  But stick around, you'll become a more interesting person when you figure out how to put those hard earned studies to actual use.

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