Ok, awhile ago I asked about using servitors to possess an individual, and I was told that the person's will would fight against the servitor and would make sustained possession difficult. So after thinking about it I came up with this way of subjagating a person and then applying servitor to complete the subjagation. An important part of this is to leave the person autonomous even though you crush them. Otherwise you'll have a zombie like person which is less useful than someone who can think on their feet while fullfilling their desire to serve you. Or possibly if their will is not completely crushed down they may feel that they're in a situation in which they're being led about and eventually they will attempt rebellion. Also, if the person feels autonomous, they will feel that they're serving you out of their own desire so they will more actively pursue their new will of serving you.

First through mundanes you endear yourself to the person. then begin working with NLP to make them submissive, use fascination in combination with this. then charming spells.
After the person is already ready to be partially submissive, sigilize their soul, half of the sigil should represent the submissive aspects, and half of it the rebelious ones.
Steal the persons soul and charge the sigil with it.
Cut off the rebelious half and burn it.
Then draw a sigil to represent the possession servitor. Program it to graft it self on to what's left of the soul, and enforce a submissive autonomy.
Thus the person is a slave but not a zombie.
Charge a candle using the servitor sigil, and another using the remainder of the soul sigil. then melt those candles into a new candle.
Sigilize the hybrid, and place the candle over the sigil, burn it to release the new hybrid soul back into the body.

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