1. First let the Mage be expert in raising and directing energy, as well as the use of Phantasmal Force, and Ray of Enfeeblement.
  2. Let him then begin to enflame himself (metaphorically of course), at the same time differentiating the essence gained as Elemental Fire. Let his entire mind and all thoughts be of Fire and Flame.
  3. He shall hold his hands in front of him, and allow that Elemental Fire to course through his arms and coalesce into a sphere of Fire.
  4. This Sphere he shall allow to build as long as he can maintain control of his concentration upon it. Then he shall hurl it toward his target, no matter how distant, and let loose a great roar.
  5. This spell may be targeted upon a person, place or item and, while the target is not likely to burst into flames on impact, it has shown a tendency to cause the target to come to calamity by fire in a short time.

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