Take a sheet of paper.  On one side list all your skills, resources and so on that you deem appropriate.  In effect this should be like a magical resume.  Compose five symbols that represent the discovery of new job opportunities.  Fold your magical resume in half and draw on of your symbols on only one side.  Fold it in half again, make sure the symbol is to the inside of your fold.  Repeat that process until you've drawn all of your symbols and folded the paper in half each time.  Light a few candles, add some incense conducive to your working, and set up your working space by whatever method you prefer.  Compose a chant, preferably one that is quickly and easily repeated.  Begin chanting.  After you chant a few rounds, unfold the resume and look on the first symbol.  A few more rounds and look on the next and so forth until you're left with the first symbol you designed.  If you like you can continue folding and unfolding the paper while focusing on your symbols until you feel you are done. At this point I really haven't come up with a ending that should remain an ending, more are they suggestions on what you could do with your charged resume.

a) You could place it in a pouch and carry it like a regular talisman
b) You could burn it in a small fire and scry the fire for new job options
c) Whatever else you think of that sounds like what you should do

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