1. A 4 inche square of red velvet
  2. Red ribbon
  3. Herbs (pinch of powdered cinnamon, allspice, 1 clove, dried mint)
  4. A charm that symbolizes your desire for love (can be store bought or something home made)


Light a red candle while you work and play some romantic music to set your mood in the right direction.

While visualizing, set your square of cloth in the center of your altar or work area;  proceed to put in the center of it your materials (one at a time, no specific order), always visualizing your intention.

Once all are included gather the 4 corners , making a sack and tie off with your ribbon.

Trim away any excess material;  carry with you, if possible, close to your body.  You can always tie it with the ribbon and hang it around your neck like a medicine bag if you like.

You should see results within the month.

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