1. For sexual charm (a spell for women): Reflect the full moon onto a still bowl of water, and wash your face in this water.

2. For dominance (a spell for men): Find a river or ocean which reflects the light of the setting sun, and wash your face in the gold-tipped ripples which catch the last rays of the sunlight.

3. For projection of a specific type of image (for either sex): Make some sign, word, or gesture representing the sort of 'look" you wish to project over a bowl of water. Alternately, you may dip some talisman into the water. Wash yourself in the water.

You may preserve the water used in these spells until such time as it is needed by keeping it sealed in a lightless vessel. You may also use the water to affect other people or places, making the recipient person or place seem different than viewers would normally consider it.

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