First I would suggest doing a cleansing bath to help you stop thinking about this guy. Just get a handful of  hyssop and lavender and throw it in to a pot of boiling water (about 2 quarts of water), turn off the heat and add a little camphor (not too much or it will irritate your skin, you just need enough to make the tea have the odor of camphor). Let it cool, and remove the herbs. When you finish taking your shower or bath, pour the herb water over yourself- do not rinse it off.

To help yourself focus on things that will improve your life (and not sit around and think about your ex) make a sigil and then draw it on a small pouch of red fabric in black permanent marker. Fill the bag with some cinnamon, three bay leaves, a chunk of orris root, 8 whole allspice, a whole nutmeg and then spit into it. Carry it with you all the time.

Also, go out and flirt- dusting yourself with orris root powder makes you more appealing to men, it's also used to increase female power. Nothing like a new man to take your mind off an ex!

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