I recently did a spell, and at the end of it I added a twist that for some reason I hadn't thought of before.  The spell worked as I had hoped, and I think it was the end part that did the trick.  Lemme 'splain.

The ritual was for money, work, etc.  Used lavendar candles to ease the stress of the situation and green for the green stuff.  I called on ancestors who had had bucks and kept them to help me figure out how to do the same.  Afterward, I laid down on the bed and got out the "Magic Wand" by Hitachi (all female witches should invest in one post haste...  make that: all females should invest in one), and as I utilized the Magic Wand (a personal massager, so to speak), I concentrated on what I wanted, and when my body errr... released, I released the spell.  The good thing about the Magic Wand is that you could literally have your mind on baseball and it would still do its thing.

My thinking is that a couple of things happened with this method.  One:  There was a physical counterpart to the mental release of energy which helped to make the spell manifest in the physical world.  Two:  One of the things I wanted from my ritual was a release of stress from the financial worries; the Magic Wand also helped to mimic that stress-release.

Of all the symbolism in all the world that one could use during ritual, I'm thinking that this is my favorite.

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