This spell is to be used for the healing of genetic problems, such as cancer, leukemia, etc. I have made this spell simple and generic on purpose, so that the performer can incorporate any other things he or she might like to add, and so that it can be used on numerous genetic problems. The only requirements are what I have included, the accessories or additions are up to you.

This spell is best done at dawn, beginning right before dawn when it is dark, and ending as the sunís rays are spreading over the earth.


One black tealight or votive candle
One white pillar candle (or of any bright color)
At least two matches (in case of wind difficulty)
A stand to put the pillar candle on

Sit somewhere where you will be comfortable, and be able to have your candles on a table of some sort so that they will be in front of you. Set the white candle on its stand behind the black candle.

Begin by settling down/grounding/centering/meditating/deep breathing whatever it is that will focus your mind. When you are ready, picture a cluster of small, black, round objects. These are the sick, or mutated, cells. Picture them however you want, but make sure they look pretty darn sick. As you are doing this, light the black candle. Keep the vision of the mutated, sick cells in your mind.

Now picture the cells changing. One by one, they begin to lighten in color, to heal. As you visualize the cells healing, light a match from the black candle. From that match, light the white or bright colored candle as you continue to visualize. When the white candleís wick ignites, all of the cells should be totally healed. In your mind, they will seem clear, healthy, perhaps even pulsating or vibrating with life.

Blow the match out, and take the white candle in your hands. Feel the healing energy from the white candle and from the healed cells. Concentrate on gathering that healing energy into your hands, joined by the white candle. Feel the energy building.

When the energy is at its peak, place the white candle on the candle stand, in front of the black candle. Immediately take your hands, still holding the energy, and place them on the part of your body that needs the healing. Release the energy from your hands into your body. Once again visualize all of those cells turning from black again to clear, turning from the mutated cells, back into normal, healthy, living cells. Feel the health coming back to your body.

When you have released all the energy and visualized all of the cells healed, your magic is done. Do whatever it is that you have to do to conclude your ritual. Leave both candles burning, and let them both burn out. The white candle should outlast the black.

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