Acquire the following items:

  • an orange
  • cinnamon
  • honey
  • brown paper bag
  • a white cloth
  • a yellow cloth

    As you do this exercise, talk to Rosita (a spirit of the Congo) and explain your intentions.

    Cut out two small pieces of the brown paper bag. Write your name on one of them and the name of the family member you are in a dispute with on the other.

    Cut the orange in half and put a fair amount of honey and cinnamon on each half and then stick a piece of the paper on each half. Then bind the orange back together by tying it with the yellow and white cloths. It does not matter which color cloth you tie first.

    Take the tied up orange to a body of water, preferrably a river or stream and drop it in. As with any form of magick, banish with laughter or ground with a good meal and forget about it.

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