You will need:

A few sheets of paper (This works better hand written, not typed out)
A pen
1 blue Chime candle (something you can let burn out by itself)
Candle holder
Some sort of bowl that will contain fire
Ritual dagger, or athame

This spell is for helping yourself. Start off with something you know that causes you emotional pain. Whether it is fear of rejection, or anger towards someone, or whatever. Write that down at the top of a sheet of paper. Start writing about how this makes you feel. Think of times in the past that you have felt this pain. Write them down. Write whatever comes to mind. Go off on tangents even if they don't apply to what you have written at the top of the page. Find out what is causing you this pain. Write until you feel you have exposed every possible reason for the emotional suffering you are going through. When you have completed this write the following. As you write it, feel your suffering going into the words and the paper. Your problem, whatever it is flowing through the pen and out onto the paper. The following is an example of the spirit of such a letter. Feel free to improvise and customize it.

"I cannot please all the people all the time. (Your problem here) is not a failure on my part. All the times in the past that I have (Your problem here) have caused me pain. That pain is no longer part of me. I am releasing it. Any pain that I may feel, real or imagined, from (Your problem here), I release. I am no longer a prisoner of my pain. I am in control of what I feel. I do not want this pain so I will no longer hold on to it. Pain is no longer a part of my life."

Once you have written the "letter" find a place where you can be alone for a little while and concentrate on focusing any last bit of pain into the letter, and blue candle. Light the candle. Place the candle in the candle holder, and tear up the letter. Put all the pieces into the fire bowl. Using the candle set the papers on fire. With your dagger, make sure that all the paper burns to ash. If possible let the candle burn out by itself.

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