Here is a recipe for what I call....LUST DUST

In a RED bottle....put in
(dried herbs)
1 part Lemongrass
1 part Lemon Balm
2 parts Lavendar flowers
2 parts Jasmine flowers
2 parts Rose petals (or buds)
1 part patchouli
6 drops Jasmine oil
6 drops Rose oil
3 drops of Eucalyptus oil
6 drops Sandalwood oil
9 drops Vanilla oil
1 part benzoin (if you're keeping it around awhile...if not you can leave it out)
1 part copal

Mix it all can charge the herbs before using if it pleases you... you can add certain "links" or personal, nails, ect., ect.  I would only suggest that option if you're making it FOR someone. :)

You can use this mixture as an incense OR rub it on your body ...
Leave it whole or grind it up during ritual.
You can throw this into a fire OR burn it on coals. (duh)
I also add white sage when making it for a bonfire...

It smells like.....a sexual cookie???????????????

Have fun.   Oh yeah should age it a few months in a dark place before using it. :)
Also, certain symbols and charms can be added to the bottle.....I use a scorpion....a heart.....and a spiderweb.

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