• A clear, round, glass bowl
  • Rosemary Oil
  • Flower petals
  • A medium sized leaf
  • A pen
  • Three yellow candles

Before you do this spell, go for a walk. While you are walking, gather some of the ingredients needed for the spell (the flower petals and the leaf). If something else that you see grabs your fancy, pick it up too, and use it in the spell.

After you have come back from your walk, lay out the things you collected on an altar or shelf, so that none are touching each other. Leave them there until you are ready to go bed and do the spell.

When you are ready to go to bed, gather up the things you collected, as well as the other spell ingredients.

Fill the glass bowl about half way with water. Tap water is fine, but you may use special water if you choose. Sit with your legs crossed in the middle of your bed, facing the foot end. Get something stiff enough to be able to put the candles and bowl on without risk of spilling or death by candle fire. Place the bowl in front of you. Put one candle directly behind the bowl, and one on either side of the first candle. Take the medium sized leaf and the pen. Write “Power, light, wisdom” on the back of the leaf. Write “Dream” on the front. Put the leaf to your right. Put the other spell ingredients to your left.

Relax, ground, deep-breathe, whatever, just get focused. Light all three candles, from left to right. Add about two tablespoons of Rosemary Oil to the water. Do not measure it, just pour and estimate. It may fizzle a little. Wait about 10 seconds. Then add the flower petals, sprinkling them into the water. Then take your leaf, and add it as well. Do not mix any of this, let the ingredients float, sink, mix, whatever. Look into the bowl and say the following three times:

Give me the power,
Show me the light,
Of true wisdom
In my dreams tonight.

When you have done this, add a little more Rosemary Oil. Let it fizzle, and whisper the chant once more.

Blow out the candles, and lay them and the rest of the ingredients aside.

Sprinkle some of the mixture onto your pillows. Make sure you add enough for the scent of the Rosemary to come through, but not too much. Put the bowl next to your bed, so that you can see it while lying down.

When you go to sleep, you should have dreams of some significance and wisdom. Their meaning may not be evident to you when you wake up, but write down any dreams you have. The meanings will come through eventually. Be as detailed as you can when you record your dreams, for those details may be very important later. Be sure to write down your dreams as soon as you wake up, for they tend to fade quickly. Keep some paper and a pen by your bed as you sleep, for you may wake up in the middle of the night. That seems to be common using this spell. The dream you wake from is usually the most important, so be sure to record it before going back to bed.

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