To Make Angry Dirt:

Get one 5-gallon plastic bucket and lid, ONLY the inside painted black (I used spraypaint) and lined with a black garbage bag.  Make sure the top of the bag folds over the edges.  You will need to gather the bag over the dirt later.  Line the bottom with styrofoam pellets for drainage and mold prevention.  This allows the dirt to breathe.

one handful peat moss
one small clear quartz, shattered
One handful dried spearmint, crumbled. Grass clippings are fine.
One teaspoon lemon juice - this is for odor control
Approximately 2 gallons clean dry dirt (from your backyard is fine)
Mix well.

Now here's where the dirt is personalized.  Gather handfuls of dirt when you are out and about.  I added handfuls of grave dirt from tragic deaths.  Local papers come in handy to determine this.  I also added dirt from a playground where I was beat up as a kid, etc.

Next time you're uncontrollably angry, sit with your feet on top of the the soil mixture like a foot soak; or put your hands on top of the mixture.  Ground your anger into the dirt.  Mixture is VERY important to this, so do take breaks to mix the soil.  I used my hands to mix.  DO BE CAREFUL - there's a shattered quartz in there!! Now, gather the bag and tie it loosely.  Cover with the lid, and cover the entire bucket with a white cloth.  I use a white towel.

Go back to your mixture each time you are upset, frustrated, pissed, not getting laid... and ground that into your dirt.  Do keep adding new handfuls of gathered dirt as you go.

Now, MY determining factor of knowing the dirt is ready to use is opening the lid and:

  1. The dirt smells foul
  2. The dirt feels foul to the touch
  3. The dirt feels angrier than I do.

To use Angry Dirt:

  • In a poppet: For a smiting I made a poppet with a few extra essentials then soaked it in water until it was a soggy mess, then staked it riverside to dry.  There are different variations to this theme I've used successfully and would be happy to share them.
  • As a territorial border: sprinkle Angry dirt outside the home to ward away unwanted visitors.  For preventing a specific person, add your particular anger towards that person into the dirt while grounding.  Then use the dirt.  I used this with much success to keep a horde of rotten local brats.  It didn't get them to leave the premises entirely, but they did stay outside the border.
  • Houseplant destroyer: I'm experimenting with the dirt in a potted plant.  So far, the plant has turned dark and greyish; though I'm giving it the same care and attention as the other plants, the older growth is slowly dying while new growth develops.  Quite weird.  Details to come.

If there are other writings or studies done with dirt specifically I am not aware of them; and if anyone knows of any I'd love to see them.

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