Ever wondered what to do with those watches (ones with minute and second hands) that are laying around and you are either to broke to fix it, or just haven't decided what to do with it? Well..here's a nice binding spell you can use with this watch.

First off, open the back cover of the watch up (make sure to becareful in removing back cover and that the inner part of the watch doesn't spill out or front face of watch shifts), then get string and a blank piece of paper.

Next, write down the name of the person you wish to bind. (if you don't know this person's full name, then use another word to best describe this person...BUT make sure you are visualizing this person while writing this word down)

The next thing to write down on this list are things in this person's life you wish upon this person not to achieve.

After you are done with that, fold the paper up then place it on the back of the opened watch, then place back cover of the watch back (still making sure inner parts of the watch and front face of the watch haven't shifted).

Now with the string, start to wrap it around the watch to secure paper and watch together.

While doing this, concentrate on this person's image and say these few words as follow ...

Now I have ( name ) trapped in time
where hours, minutes, and seconds lay still
I control you for you are now bind
to what I have just will

After completing this spell, bury this in the person's land property. And if you live with this person, then bury it by their window.

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