Before the Ritual of the Soul Prison can be performed on a person or demon, the Prison must be prepared as follows: The magician must obtain a quartz crystal for the physical basis of the prison. The crystal need not be of exceptional size or clarity, though these qualities will improve the containment ability of the Soul Prison, by increasing its available power. The crystal must be purified for the space of three days buried in salt, vivified for three days lying under the sun and full moon, and consecrated for three days buried atop a grave. If the Rite is to be performed on a person, that personís name should match that of the graveís occupant. On the ninth night, the crystal is to be disinterred, and made into the Soul Prison by casting a circle of binding and protection inside it. This circle is cast in the standard manner, except that the protections and wards face inward as opposed to outward. For example, the magician performing the Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram as the circle casting would have the dagger pointed at the crystal as he walked around it, at each quarter invoking the element that is currently behind him. The more circles cast upon the Soul Prison, the better the containment potential. The Prison is now ready for use.

The Ritual

(To be performed after the Temple Opening) (The magician may opt to perform the Tenfold Scourge first as well)

I speak now unto N., who of his own free will has chosen me for his enemy. Hear me, N., and know that this fate is for thee! I bind thee N., that thou mayest not raise thy hands against me, nor stir from the place into which I will cast thee. Thy indiscretions have delivered thee into my hands N., and there is no respite from my wrath.

The magician should in this place recite the Litany of Wrongs committed against him.

For all these things, and for the common good, do I bind thee N., that thy soul be committed into this prepared crystal and bound there by the potent spells laid upon it by my own hands. Thou shalt wander the dust of the earth bereft, whilst I hold thy soul in thrall, using it as I will. Know that thine own machinations have delivered thee unto this fate, and the world be made brighter thereby. This is my Will of thee, N., and the results of thine own.

The magician must then cast the circle again inside the Prison, for good measure.

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