A. (taken from Castaneda and others) Study your hands during the daytime. Contemplate their shapes, their colours, how they feel to be used, and the types of things you can do with them. When you go to sleep, resolve to dream of your hands, that you may gain a "hold" on the dreaming world. When i first experimented with this, i had dreams of urinating, and looking at my hands. This isn't the intended effect...being aware of and able to manipulate your hands in the dream is the goal.)

B. During the day, "test" yourself with a particular question, whenever the desire arises, or when something uncanny happens. Ask "Am i dreaming?" or something of that sort and then make a fair attempt to answer it with some sort of evidence. Putting your reality to the test is good mental exercise in either state, but when it becomes habit and filters into the dream state, you will find yourself being able to answer with "yes."

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