This is an astral travel/prophetic/spirit blend See what you think......

2 parts Mugwort
1 part Wormswood
1 part Damiana
1 part Lavendar flowers
1 part Bay leaves
1 part Red Sandalwood
1 part Dittany of Crete (if you can get it...its a goodie..if not no worries)
1 part Benzoin resin (crushed)
1 part Mimosa and or Jasmine oil

This is a very basic recipe....more "dangerous" herbs can be used if researched and done with care, The ones I listed are fairly safe...Be careful with the wormswood Its poisonous. (Be careful with any herb you dont know about...even the ones you think you do)

I usually tailor the oil to suite an individual...I use a black or white jar.....mix together herbs and keep in a dark place for a few months...shake it a couple times a week. Burn this on coals ( I throw this one in the fire too) Dont Let anyone eat it (Ive had peolple try) And...I should careful with the wormswood :)...........Oh yeah....certain things can be done to this...and every other recipe to "custom-EyEs" it for you special :) :) go ahead and put signs/sigils ect...on the mabey an EYE or or a CLOUD or your totem animal ect...This incense inparticular I do not color...but you can if you Want to :)

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