Acquire the following items:

  • a ham bone
  • valerian root
  • a tea ball

    Load the tea ball with valerian root (you may also need a noseplug) and boil with the hambone until the water becomes a tea. Allow it to cool and then bathe in it, or pour it over yourself in the bath tub. Do not wash it off. Take the hambone and tie it to the back of your car so that it hangs above the road, but will not drag, and drive to a place of high elevation. If you don't live near any high elevation, any kind of hill will do. As you drive, visualize the anxiety leaving you in the form of thick, sooty smoke and being soaked up by the hambone.

    When you arrive at the hill or mountain, take the hambone from the back of your car by the string or rope, DO NOT TOUCH THE HAMBONE ITSELF. Throw it from you as far you can and then compose yourself to meditation. Still the mind, relax and, if you wish, mentally ask Yemaya (the Yoruba Orisha of the sea, and tranquility), or any other deity/spirit you wish, to be with you and bless your intentions.

    After 10 to 20 minutes of meditation, leave full in the knowledge that you have banished anxiety and restlessness. As with any other form of magick, banish with laughter or ground with a good meal and forget about the exercise.

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