To cast a spell on someone you want to have a sexual adventure with is quite easy.  You can find such tools for this craft work in your house or at your local market.  You can use brownie mix (or anything edible such as cake mix, cookies mix, etc.).  Follow the direction of the brownie mix.  When done, masturbate while thinking of this person.  Place the climax fluid into mix, then bake (follow the directions of cooking time on brownie mix box or package).  After brownies is made, share a brownie with the one you intend to have this sexual adventure with.  This spell will work ONLY if this person eats at least a square of brownie.  *NOTE* Anyone eating this brownie who was not the subject at hand will NOT be effected by your spell.  ALSO, do NOT force the subject to eat the brownie.  Let the spell work on its own once the subject eats the brownie.  Keep in mind also that some spells take time to manifest.

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