The Flying Pig dwells in the winds of the south, bestowing the power to accomplish seemingly impossible feats to all his devotees. Devotion to Pigasus demands the ferocity, tenacity, and resourcefulness of the boar, to which the powers of one's own personal genius will be added like wings as the Pigasus inspires you to discover them.

You may make the idol of Pigasus from any material desired, showing a pig of some sort with wings of some sort affixed thereunto. You may make this image 2 or 3 dimensional, as desired.

The Pig demands an offering of saffron, which you must burn before his image on the 6th of January each year, along with six fresh drops of your own blood, which you must also burn. If you fail in this annual sacrifice, the Pigasus will drop you from his wings like a dead feather, and you will sink in the muck of your life, there to wallow in filth. You must also abstain from eating any pork or foul on this day.

You may gain the favor of the Pigasus in any endeavor by making a burned offering of bay leaves and appropriate adorations, spoken to the south at sunset and on Saturday. Speak to the Pigasus of your desires, that he may grant you the strength to defend against any adversary, the skill to break loose from any limitation, the vision gain a better perspective on any problem, or the inspiration to seek new realms of enjoyment in life. When you have thus spoken to the Pigasus, you must make bird calls and pig noises that he might grant you his aid.

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