The Story of Soulmates (from Plato)

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, the first person did not look like people today. The first person had two heads, four legs and 4 arms which were locked together in blissful embrace. A God became jealous of the happiness of this person, and tore them asunder. The two halves had great wounds on the front of their bodies, and cried out from the pain.

A Goddess took pity on these poor creatures, and gave each a length of cord and a needle, so they could sew up their wounds. One of the humans took the needle and cord and started sewing very tightly and neatly down the middle, it sewed so tightly down the chest, it caused two breasts to pop out. But so fine and so tight were the stitches, there was not enough to finish the job, and there was still a bit of the wound left open. The other human took the cord and stitched down very loose, and very haphazardly, and it was left with a length of cord that was left over, dangling from its body.

So this is how men and women came to look they way they do and why they are eternally searching for the bliss they had when they were joined as one.

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