Apparently all us old folks here in the Info For Beginners folder are under a serious misconception.  We've been giving out information on paganism, witchcraft, and Wicca as if that's what the questioners want.  Since the same questions keep being asked again, I submit that perhaps we aren't being very helpful.  I've compiled a list of characteristics based on some thorough research into the questions being asked and the assumptions behind them, and I believe I've codified some rules of this new faith.

1. Today is a Gift, Open It And Break It Quick:

There is a focus on "living in the present" to the point that no mention or recognition of the past can be given, particularly to those evil-inspired tomes of research published days or even weeks ago known as "back posts."

2. The World Owes Me A Teacher:

Individual instruction is prized, whatever the qualifications of the teacher.  No effort must be spared on the part of the teacher to track down and impress reluctant students.  Students are rare enough that teachers have actually fallen to magiqual "duels" to secure a single one of them.

3. Ty Ping is a city in China:

When pressed to compose a post, and questioning the spelling or grammar of their phrasing, true followers "do what they feel is right."  They don't worry about being comprehensible, or clear, or respectful.  After all, it's everyone else's job to help them out.

4. Rebel Without a Catechism:

Speaking of respect, just as they don't worry about showing respect to the people they ask assistance from, they don't worry about showing respect to the Divine.  Worship is for Christians, ha ha, and we all hate Christians, right?  If the Christians do it, it must be wrong.  Bonus points for making fun of Jesus.

5. Fluffiest of Fluffies:

In the quest to harm none, a symbol of peace and love and little chocolate donuts must be found.  Paying close attention to the appearance of the magickal "k"...the symbol of their faith can be seen in every supermarket.  I give you...

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